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A pocket-sized hackable multimeter with smart graphing, on-demand tool tips, and excel in your phone.  

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How it works 

  • Work smart and stay connected with Voltset. Voltset is a multimeter module add-on for Android and iOS systems via USB or Bluetooth connection.
  • The technology behind Voltset. For hardware we are using Cortex-M3 as a microcontroller with a dedicated 50,000 count DMM chip. This solution provides accuracy and low power consumption.
  • Software Development Kit. We will provide applications for both Android (requires at least Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich) and iOS systems. We will also give away Voltset API Client Library for Java and .NET including a console tool for the Windows platform.
  • Voltset Compatibility. Voltset basic is safe to be used around the house, while Voltset Pro will be CAT III capable.

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Voltset update – Design specification release

December 9, 2014

Hey Voltsetters, Here are the key messages for this update: Design spec is out (subject to change) ACV frequency for dual display mode has some issues. (Debugging) Next steps: fix up some of the PCB layout. Wrap up the sensing end → enclosure → App (running parallelly) Want to know more? Read on for details.

Wait! I have a question

Voltset requires USB OTG to get power from your smart device. It is a standard feature for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. Since Voltset can not plug into iOS directly, the VS Expansion bluetooth module is required for Apple devices.
Voltset is a 5 digit meter with the best 0.1% accuracy. This means you can see increments such as 0.001mV or 1uA (one microamp) on your phone. This is comparable to a tabletop meter. You can find detailed information in Specification.  
Only us makes the JARVIS of multimeter. Besides electric measuring, Voltset will work with you by providing tool tops, guidelines or even allow you to share live data across phones when you want to call for help.Oh, and Voltset is hackable, you decide what it does in the end.
Please visit our FAQ for details! Or contact us. We are happy to answer any questions for you!