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A pocket-sized hackable multimeter with smart graphing, on-demand tool tips, and excel in your phone.  

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How it works? 

  • Work Smarter and Play Harder with Voltset. Voltset is a module that plugs into a smartphone via a USB connection. It will then turn a smartphone into a smart multimeter. The multimeter is a must have tool for every DIY, tinkerer or hardware hacker.
  • The technology behind Voltset. For hardware we are using Cortex-M3 as a microcontroller with a dedicated 50,000 count DMM chip. This solution provides accuracy and low power consumption. Combined with our Bluetooth extension module Voltset will be usable in multiple environments.
  • Software Development Kit. We will be providing applications for both Android (requires at least Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich) and iOS systems. We will also be providing Voltset API Client Library for Java and .NET including a console tool for the Windows platform.
  • Voltset Compatibility. Voltset basic is designed for CAT II which means it’s safe to be used around the house. Therefore you can use Voltset on most household appliances and with your favorite gadgets and toys. Voltset Pro will be CAT III capable.


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Voltset Update – A peak into the new board and more

October 9, 2014

Hey guys! So as you know, our 1st post-Kickstarter addressed our team decision to massively upgrade Voltset V5 in accordance to the feedback we received from Kickstarter backers. In our 2nd post-KS update, we shared some of the feedback we received from our survey and the design insights that resulted from the data. Now in our 3rd post-KS update, we will be exploring...


Instead of bringing a traditional multimeter, aka ‘the brick’, pull out your Voltset and give a battery or resistor a quick test. Voltset may even suggest a thing or two based on your measurements.
No more writing down and punching in numbers. Measure voltage (V), resistance (Ω) and the built-in (Ohm’s Law V= I*Ω) equation will return the estimated current (A) reading. If this is not enough, use the built-in Excel to save your data. With Voltset you can easily keep logs and make charts.
Download the app plug-in and probe your Raspberry Pi / Arduino test points to diagnose your project. Voltset is your best tinkering companion like R2D2 for Luke Skywalker, and JARVIS for Ironman.
The Voltset requires no batteries to function. As long as your smartphone works, so does your Voltset.