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Starting from October 2020, Voltset.com will now focus on being a specialized informational hub that provides truthful and useful resources for electronics lovers and everyone who wants to know more about their electronics and electrical devices.

And now, with a new management team, we hope that what we offer on the site would be beneficial to you.

Historically, the Voltset electronic multimeter measurement tool was once a successfully crowdfunded job, aimed at creating an entirely new product category, which best could be described as a hybrid of industry-standard security, seat grade precision, arduino such as hackability, and low cost and cellular.

The build quality of Voltset attempts to offer a durable instrument for centuries to come. The situation was going to probably be injection molded, with both hard plastic and soft rubber on the borders, to create it shock-resistant. Last, it’s intended to obey IP53 criteria.

The Voltset’s previous owners were aware of the value of a secure multimeter and had gone beyond in attempts to make sure that Voltset not merely complied with international security standards for hand-held apparatus but also sought out third-party evaluation and certificate of the.

Voltset wasn’t just designed to protect the consumer, but also the apparatus it was connected to, like your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the project came to an end due to a lack of sufficient operational funds. But we believe that all the magic it had done to the world would be memorable to many.