How to Change the Battery of a Multimeter the Easy Way

Today I Just picked up my multimeter and it wasn’t working.

I powered Up it and after a moment it shuts down .

I attempted to ON it a few times but it replicated the exact same behavior.

I become Worried a little at first because I really like my electronic gadgets and components.

Shortly I figured out by doing some Google searches, that battery has discharged.

I have to Change its battery.

But I did Not understand how to change the battery of a multimeter.

I learned It and chose to write about my experience so that if anybody has the exact same problem.

It would be helpful.

Hopefully, You will delight in this report.

The Way to inform In the event the battery has discharged

When I watched My multimeter not working I got lots of false thoughts in my mind.

I thought, Maybe the fuse is burnt, maybe the whole multimeter is burnt out.

But then I Realize if fuse or multimeter were burnt out, the display shouldn’t reveal anything.

These False thoughts came into my mind because the very first time I pressed the power button in the multimeter, nothing showed up.

Subsequently upon Pressing it several times, multimeter powered but it shuts down in a minute automatically.

I think the Battery release hint is, when you switched on your multimeter, it remains on.

And a Sudden it melts with no intentions.

If you have Got the same problem then worry not.

It is not a Very big deal.

You just Need to replace battery.

You’re Sure that your multimeter battery is discharged.

And also have Decided to change it.

Let follow My below measures and you’ll do just fine.

For Altering the battery life of a multimeter all you want a screwdriver and 9V battery from a reliable brand.

You need to Possess a screwdriver that fits your multimeter, else you won’t have the ability to replace the battery.


Change The Battery Of A Multimeter

This is the Picture of my multimeter when it wasn’t working.

I was so sad to see it in this condition.

I used this For almost five years now.

So there Assembled a connection of love, I figure.

Don’t get me wrong.

All I’m Saying I simply love it and can’t see it not working.

Eliminate the Probes and most of covers out of it

The first Step would be to eliminate all the covers and probe very attentively.

You see my Multimeter has a great yellow rubber cover round it.

It shields It and also gives it a wonderful look.Change The Battery Of A Multimeter

I did not See my multimeter with no yellow shade.

It does Look really nice with no.

But I’d To eliminate it to make the entire multimeter working properly again.

Remove the back cover

See the Back of your multimeter.

There must Be a location that you are able to feel as a location for the battery life.

I did not Texture or view it and removed all the screws on my multimeter.

And guess What, removing different screws were of no use.

See there Must be a flat line on the rear of your multimeter and thee should be some screws nearby.

If you see Such lines, remove the twist just near to it.

Don’t Remove all of the screws.

Change The Battery Of A Multimeter

Please Carefully remove the screws with a great screwdriver.

Try not to Forcefully open it with the screwdriver that does not match it.

Eliminate the Battery carefully

After removing the cover carefully.

It is time To remove the discharged battery attentively.

The battery Can be put in almost any angle and position.

You Must Very smart and believe to manage it carefully.

Since we Are going to make our multimeter work fine again not to damage it even more.

And I think It is by far the most important part of our main topic, change the battery of a multimeter.

Change The Battery Of A Multimeter

Maybe your Damage battery wouldn’t be in great form.

If you see Some unknown liquid on your battery.

Try to not Touch it bare palms.

I do not Know exactly why but I think that it is some sort of amino acids and we should avoid it.

I think it Like this way, you touch it, and while functioning you accidentally touch your eyes with these dirty hands.

You might End in trouble.

So try not To hold a battery that’s in not good condition.

Alter the Old battery with a new one

Both the Old battery and also the brand new battery should have the same specifications.

If they do Not have the identical specification.

Your Multimeter might not show true results.

And I think It ought not work properly as well.

Make sure The new battery fit in very nicely and correctly.

If it does Not fit in well you will not be able to set the back cover onto it.

Also, make Sure you’ve connected the ideal polarities of your battery to the right polarity of the multimeter.

I do not Think it would happen since the wires are designed in the way that you can not make any mistake.

However, I Thought it’d be great to just mention it.

Check if The meter is functioning fine

When you Change the old battery with a fresh one.

It’s great To look at your multimeter before covering it.

Power on Your multimeter and wait for a minute if it does not shut down automatically.

It means You did a great job.

Your Multimeter is good to go for measurements i.e. voltage Dimensions, present dimensions, etc..

Put back The covers and probes

After Verification, it is time to put the removed back cover again in its original location.

Also, we Have eliminated the yellow protection cover and the probes.

I have my multimeter back.

And it is Working nice and also looks fine again using the yellow cover on it.

1 thing that I Will include here if you have hold button on your multimeter please check it.

I have Pressed it while regaining the multimeter backagain.

When I Finished covering.

I powered That the multimeter on.

It powered On but when I attempted to measure the voltage of this old battery it was not showing any voltage.

It had been a Small worry moment but soon I realized the hold button was pressed.

And with I Share what I’ve learned about how a person can change the battery of a multimeter.


You Switched in your multimeter, and a surprising it turns off automatically.

This is one Of the signals that your multimeter battery needs a shift.

I this informative article I discuss the easy method of how to change the battery of a multimeter.

Replacing The discharged battery using a multimeter using a new one is very interesting to Learn and fun to perform.

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